Here's the official word:

Jane Godwin is a the highly acclaimed author of over twenty-five books for children, across all styles and ages. Her work is published internationally and she has received many commendations, including the Queensland Premier's Award (Children's Books), the Aurealis Award and the Animal Welfare Award, and shortlistings in the CBC Book of the Year Awards, the Prime Minister’s Literary Award, the New South Wales State Literary Award (Patricia Wrightson Prize) the YABBA Awards, the Speech Pathology Awards, The Family Award for Children’s Books, and the Australian Book Industry Awards.

For many years, Jane worked as the Children’s Publisher at Penguin Books Australia.

Jane's most recent novel is As Happy as Here, published by Hachette in August 2019, and her most recent picture books are Tilly, illustrated by Anna Walker and published by Scholastic, and One Blue Shoe, illustrated by Jane Reiseger and published by Affirm Press.

 Anna Walker and Jane have created seven children's picture books together – Little Cat and the Big Red Bus, All Through the Year, Today We Have No Plans, Starting School, What Do You Wish For?, Go Go and the Silver Shoes and Tilly.

Jane writes her own books but much of her time is spent in encouraging and supporting authors with whom she works.  Along with her friend Davina Bell, Jane is the creator of Our Australian Girl, a highly successful series of quality historical fiction for middle readers.

Jane spends as much time as she can working with young people in schools, running various literature and writing programs, making books and encouraging students in their own creative ventures.  

Jane lives in Melbourne with her family.  Most of her waking hours are dedicated to pursuing quality and enriching reading and writing experiences for young people, whether it’s as a writer, a publisher or a speaker/facilitator in schools.

And here are 11 things you probably didn't know about me:

1.   I was often mistaken for a boy when I was young.

2.  Two of my favourite picture books when I was little were Big Sister, Little Sister by Charlotte Zolotow and Swimmy by Lio Lionni.  They are still two of my favourite picture books.

3.  When I was eight I stole a biscuit and accidentally ran through a glass door to go outside and eat it. 

4.  During secondary school I wanted to be a child psychologist or a photographer, not an author.

5.  I love making things (books, scones, friends) and playing games (boggle, volleyball, five hundred).

6.  I always write down my dreams (as in sleeping dreams, not aspirations).

7.  It took me three years to write my first book.  And it was a picture book!

8.  My middle name is Kristina.

9.  My great-great grandfather came from Sweden to Ballarat during the Gold Rush.

10.  I'm in a poetry club of three people.  Two friends and I send each other a poem a couple of times a month. They are not written by us - they are just poems that we want to share.

11.  I take one photo every day of my life. (You can see them on my instagram account.)

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 Oh, and thanks to my friend Anna Walker for letting me use her beautiful illustrations from All Through the Year and Today We Have No Plans throughout this website.