Falling From Grace

Lots of ideas and experiences contributed to this story.  The setting of Point Nepean is a real place, on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria.  To me, Point Nepean has an eerie feeling to it, and I often thought it would be a good place to set a mystery story.  At the time I was writing Falling from Grace, my son Wil was 14 and he had a recently developed passion for music and interest in guitars.  Now, ten years later, Wil is a full-time musician and the lead singer of a rock band!

Here are some reviews of Falling from Grace:

Review quotes of Falling From Grace


‘Jane Godwin has a great voice; deft, light and rich’

The Age


‘It was an AMAZING read. And the cool part is, the setting is REAL! I rate this book 5 out of 5 stars…I love this book so much, and recommend it to ANYONE! You will love it, and in the middle, I could not stop gasping.’

Natasha Vahora, Sweet and Sassy Reviewz blog

 Review of Falling From Grace from US literary journal Kirkus Review

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